Creativity that Inspires Precision

In the new flagship store, clients watch their concept of “home” transform itself into an exclusive project which can count on the originality of Cesar’s kitchen designs and on their high-quality craftsmanship.

From the initial layout, to the final installation, every detail is meticulously curated and exalted, both aesthetically and functionally, thanks to the work of a specialised interior design team.

This process builds a strong sense of trust, founded on the exploration of creative solutions that make the kitchen a warm and inviting environment, transforming it into the ideal space in which to spend some of the most important moments of our lives.

Vannessa Hewitson
General Manager
Bringing forth a wealth of expertise spanning over 25 years, Vannessa Hewitson stands as our esteemed General Manager at Cesar Vancouver, boasting an illustrious career entrenched in the artistry of kitchen design. Cultivating her skills at The Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, Vannessa swiftly channeled her unrelenting passion for refined, ergonomic spaces and profound connections into the realm of upscale residential kitchen design. Rooted in her European beginnings and having expanded her influence across two continents, Vannessa’s professional journey mirrors her foundational prowess and steadfast dedication in delivering bespoke, client-centric services harmonizing seamlessly with individual visions and requirements. Her unwavering commitment revolves around comprehending context, valuing spatial dynamics, and sculpting environments that strike an exquisite equilibrium between aesthetics, creativity, and functionality.
Elisa Balducci
Project coordinator
Hailing from the design-rich landscapes of Italy, Elisa recently made her mark here in Vancouver as our talented Interior Designer and Project Coordinator at Cesar Kitchens.
After receiving her degree in Interior Design from IED Milano, she embarked on a professional career focused on developing high-end interiors and kitchen design in residential and multi-family sectors. With a keen eye for aesthetics honed in the heart of Italian design excellence, Elisa brings timeless elegance and creativity to every project. Her journey from Italy to Vancouver influences her work with a unique blend of sophistication and modern innovation. Elisa’s meticulous approach and dedication to achieve design excellence will ensure that every detail from conceptualization to final execution aligns with our client’s vision.
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Custom-made projects
and solutions

Cesar Vancouver works hand in hand with architects and interior designers who seek the perfect partner with which to bring their design projects to life.

A wide range of modular solutions, willingness and flexibility in the creation of custom-made furniture, quality materials, finishes and colours selected according to market demand, and attention to detail are just a few of our strengths. The result is that architectural spaces are enhanced to their fullest, as are the stylistic concepts which are at the foundation of the most exclusive projects.


Assembly and

The constructive aspect of our kitchens is the best assurance that they will be perfectly installed in your home. Attention to detail during the manufacturing stage, the opportunity to create customised and tailor-made elements, safe packaging and transport, and the technical ability of our installers all combine to ensure a rapid and meticulous installation.

The greatest care is taken with the final clean-up so that you may begin enjoying your Cesar kitchen immediately.